Monday, March 24, 2014

How to get free Riot Points?

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena videogame made by Riot Games and Microsoft Windows. Played by 60 million users, this free-to-play became so popular because it is extremely challenging, and each match is always different. It’s a strategy game, so you have to learn from your mistakes, in order to defeat your enemies.

Another important point of this game it’s the possibility to choose among a lot of skills, characters, abilities, and they need to be chosen based on players and builds. Several players of LoL said: “It’s satisfying when your strategy led your team to the victory!”.

Although it’s a free-to-play, League of Legends has two currencies. The currency we’re going to talk about are the Riot Points.

What can I purchase with free Riot Points?

Riot Points are used to buy in-game things like champions, champion skins and boost. Fortunately, Riot Points don’t directly affect gameplay. Indeed, you can use Influence Points to purchase, for example, champions.

Riot Points can be purchased inside the game, or, if you want to save some money, you can buy them in various online retail stores. But why do you have to pay for something you can obtain completely free?

Exactly. We’re talking about free Riot Points.

How can I get free Riot Points?

On the internet there’s the general belief of riot points generators able to generate infinite riot points. Honestly, it’s a false belief. Riot Points generators don’t exist, and if someone claims to have one of them, he only wants to scam you.

So, a few months ago I had a chat with David, the founder of a famous site, and I ended up with an important revelation. In his site, he can allow you to have Riot Points without paying, with a smart affiliate system made up by himself.

David offers free stuff like Riot Points to the visitors who share his site on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or any other social network. With the traffic you brought to David, he gains money, and so he can afford to buy what users ask for.

Where does he buy Riot Points?

Don’t worry, the first aim of that site is being professional, and for this reason he always buys Riot Points inside League of Legends. Online retails shop are also safe, but there isn’t a shop safer than League of Legends’ one.

Why are you promoting his site?

I regularly use his amazing site to get free Riot Points and other stuff, so I decided to write an article about Riot Points and its site.

Today it’s your turn. Let’s redeem some free Riot Points!